Samuel Gershon’s response to Vimal K. Razdan’s reply

Shridhar Sharma: Insulin coma treatment: Facts and controversies


            I stand on my last comment I made. Dr. Sharma’s is a nice review. ICT was a stumble in the dark and the entire psychiatric world remained in this dark alley, protecting against critical views of it and continuing this pandemic delusion. I think the reviewer should have featured this aspect of the story in his conclusion and criticise him for not doing it. Psychiatry has had  too many of these delusional discoveries,  like lobotomy, claims of blood factors that both caused and cured schizophrenia  from the laboratory of the Lafayette clinic and this went on for almost 20 years, reported at every national and international scientific meeting in the world.

        So, my response to Dr. Razdan’s reply to my comment is: we should have more contributions telling us about our delusional beliefs to try and restore some normal baseline to our field


October 12, 2017