Barry Blackwell’s comment on Harvey V. Fineberg’s: Conflict of Interest: Why Does It Matter?
Viewpoint (JAMA 2017; 317: 8)

           Fineberg's article is interesting and helpful. It would be even more so if it provided a specific example of a particular situation that spelled out how the various criteria are established and described, including examples of how the "reasonable person" is selected.

            The immediate implication is that it should no longer be enough for a speaker or author to reveal a vague statement that a conflict exists but would have to reveal the details required for a reasonable person to adjudicate the conflict -how much money was paid for exactly what and how much work. Does this happen now - for example do journal editors, meeting organizers and professional organizations (like ACNP) apply these standards? And are they available for public scrutiny?


August 24, 2017