About INHN


Objective: The Network through its members is committed to documenting, preserving and disseminating all contributions relevant to the history of Neuropsychopharmacology. It will also analyze material to generate new information relevant to contemporary research, education, and mental health care.

Membership: By invitation

Operating committee: Thomas A. Ban, Barry Blackwell, Samuel Gershon, Peter R. Martin & Gregers Wegener

Network Coordination: Thomas A. Ban

Website Coordination: Gregers Wegener

Projects Coordination: Peter R. Martin

  • 1. Historical dictionary of neuropsychopharmacology: Carlos Hojaij
  • 2. Drug Inventory: Eric Konofal
  • 3. Photo history: Edith Serfaty
  • 4. Profiles: Antonio Egidio Nardi
  • 5. Controversies: Elemer Szabadi
  • 6. Textbook: Peter R. Martin
  • 8. Books: Samuel Gershon
  • 9. Biographies, autobiographies and collected/selected writings of neuropsychopharmcologists: Barry Blackwell
  • 10. Previews: Aitor Castillo
  • 12. Archives: Gregers Wegener

 List of tentative projects:

  1. Historical dictionary of neuropsychopharmacology
  2. Historical drug inventory on psychotropic drugs
  3. Photo history of  neuropsychopharmacology
  4. Profiles of distinguished neuropsychopharmacologists
  5. Controversies in the history of neuropsychopharmacology
  6. Textbook  - History of Neuropsychopharmacology
  7. Discoveries in neuropsychopharmacology that has not been followed up and on experiments that could not be replicated
  8. Books relevant to the history of neuropsychopharmacology: information and discussion  
  9. Biographies, autobiographies and collected/selected writings of neuropsychopharmcologists
  10. Previews of books relevant to the history of neuropsychopharmacology
  11. Historical perspective: comments on current publications and educational material
  12. Electronic archives of neuropsychopharmacology