Administrative Unit by Leon S. Morra

I am León S. Morra, responsible for the coordination of activities in the Administrative Unit of INHN’s Central Office. I will be in contact with you in the future with some regularity to collect information that may facilitate operations in the various programs and projects of our Network.

To ascertain that information on your contributions to neuropsychopharmacology is accessible and preserved for posterity we already started to post the List of publications of our Members.   Please send me your List of Publications for posting if you have not done it as yet

To date we have on our Website in Profiles the List of Publications of the following INHN members:  

  1. Jules Angst
  2. George (Girgis)  Awad
  3. Ross Baldeassarini
  4. Thomas A. Ban
  5. Per Bech
  6. Robert H. Belmaker
  7. Frank M. Berger
  8. Frank M.  Berger
  9. Barry Blackwell
  10. Walter Brown
  11. William E. Bunney
  12. Bernard Carroll 
  13. Marcelo Cetkovich
  14. Kanellos Charalampous
  15. Guy Chouinard
  16. C.Robert Cloninger
  17. Otniel Dror
  18. Lawrence Edelstein
  19. Christian Fibiger
  20. Reid Finlayson
  21. Toshi Furukawa
  22. Kjell Fuxe
  23. Samuel Gershon
  24. Ira Glick
  25. Laszlo Gyermek
  26. Jaanus Harro
  27. David Healy
  28. Hanfried Helmchen
  29. Gordon Johnson
  30. Martin M. Katz
  31. Donald F.Klein
  32. Joseph Knoll
  33. Irwin J. Kopin
  34. John Krystal
  35. Malcolm Lader
  36. Harbans Lal
  37. Heinz E. Lehmann
  38. Trudo Lemmens
  39. Francisco Lopez-Munoz
  40. Peter R. Martin
  41. Ildiko Miklya
  42. Julio Moizeszowicz
  43. Antonio E.Nardi
  44. Gianpaolo Perna
  45. Eugene S. Paykel
  46. Janos Rado
  47. Gary Remington
  48. Norman Sartorius
  49. Alan Schatzberg
  50. Philip Seeman
  51. Edward Shorter
  52. John Smythies
  53. Larry Stein
  54. Fridolin Sulser
  55. Leonardo Tondo
  56. Marcio Versiani
  57. Andrew Winokur
  58. Daniel Keith Winstead


I am looking forward to working with you

León S. Morra
Administrative Unit                                                                                          

INHN Central Office
(Director: Carlos Morra)
Córdoba, Argentina

E-mail: leonsmorra(at)
Tel: +5493515501021