Amine oxidase

In 1937, Blaschko, Richter and Schlossman demonstrated that tyramine oxidase, the enzyme discovered by Hare in 1928, noradrenaline oxidase and aliphatic amine oxidase was the same enzyme. They referred to the enzyme as “amine oxidase”. In the same year, 1937, as Blaschko and his associates demonstrated the presence of “amine oxidase” in the liver, Pugh and Quastel demonstrated the presence of the same enzyme in the brain. One year later, in 1938, after Zeller’s separation of diamine oxidase from “amine oxidase”, the term was replaced by the term “monoamine oxidase” to indicate that its function is restricted to the oxidative deamination of monoamines.   


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Joseph Knoll

June 26, 2014