Symposia Medica Hoechst

By Jules Angst

The Symposia Medica Hoechst were sponsored by the Medical Department of Hoechst Company, which also published the symposia proceedings. The meetings were organised by the chairmen of the symposia, usually a leading authority in a medical specialty, together with Dr Elke Lindenlaub from Hoechst. The venue was the Castle of Reinhartshausen on the Rhine. The first Hoechst Symposium, on Causal Factors of Myocardial Infarction, was held in 1968 and the report published 1969 (Schettler 1969). The 8thsymposium (1973) was devoted to a psychiatric topic: Classification and Prediction of Outcome in Depression.It was organized by Jules Angst and attended by 33 experts from America, Europe and Australia. The presentations and discussions of this symposium were published in 1974 (Angst 1974). The last Hoechst Symposium, on the Biology of Memory, was held in 1988 and its report was published in 1990 (Squire and Lindenlaub 1990).

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Jules Angst

October 9, 2014