Gin S. Malhi: A critical analysis of concepts in psychiatry.

Gin S. Malhi and Erica Bell: Fake Views: Schizoaffective Disordes is not "SAD," just bad


Hector Warnes’ further comment


       I just  read this paper twice. I am afraid that I cannot review it with fairness. As you know we have addressed this issue a few times in the recent past. In my clinical experience, which is supported by the genetic and epigenetic research, we cannot dismiss the fact that there are "in between" schizoaffective states. I have seen even patients who were diagnosed as schizophrenics because of social withdrawal, ideas of references and thought disorder who were depressed as well. When I give an anti-depressant to a schizophrenic and he gets worse I know for sure that he is a schizophrenic. Some schizophrenics with fluctuation of mood, emptiness, depersonalization and low self-esteem do respond to anti-depressants in combination with anti-psychotics such as Seroquel. I have seen even cases of schizo-affective psychosis responding to lithium. It is too bad that we still do not have discovered a genetic marker.



August 6, 2020