Gin S. Malhi: A critical analysis of concepts in psychiatry.



       Despite tremendous technological advances and discoveries in neuroscience, the prognosis and clinical outcomes for most psychiatric disorders remain poor. Biological and psychosocial factors appear to drive the onset of mental illness and continue to play a role in maintaining and exacerbating associated distress. But in the absence of a deep understanding of the pathophysiology of mental illnesses, therapies target psychopathology with the aim of achieving symptomatic improvement. Hence, the distillation of syndromes into diagnoses has prematurely accorded disorders the status of diseases. This premature acceptance of the limitations of knowledge has led to a resignation that stymies research and limits the possibility of future insights.

       Thus, this series takes a critical look at concepts within psychiatry, such as the diagnoses, models of thinking, frameworks for treatment and the paradigms and rationale for therapy – with the aim of advancing constructive and insightful dialogue that provides a better understanding and a foundation for meaningful research.


November 28, 2019