Gin S. Malhi: A critical analysis of concepts in psychiatry.


Samuel Gershon’s further comments on updated collating document


        This set of papers by Gin Malhi and Erica Bell, along with Edward Shorter’s  comments, create a real demand for remanufacture of the DSM V or any iterations of it.  Also, the discussion on SADS (Malhi and Bell 2019) and the discussion of therapeutic agents and their targets clearly illustrates the dilemma all this stuff has created. The comments on medication illustrate that perhaps none of these compounds have a drug treatment specificity.

        We have been sailing along for years with these fond beliefs. These presentations by Gin Malhi and Erica Bell are an important beginning for the start of the revolution.



Malhi GS Bell, E.  Fake Views: Schizoaffective Disorder is not ‘SAD’, just bad. November 28, 2019.


January 14, 2021