Barry Blackwell: Corporate Corruption in the Psychopharmaceutical Industry
Charles Beasley’s reply to Jay Amsterdam’s comment on Beasley’s response to Barry Blackwell’s reply to his comment


            I would like to thank Jay for his kind comments.  Studies required for regulatory approval of a new medication are quite scientifically (statistically) informative regarding efficacy (defined very explicitly by a criterion that is hopefully clinically relevant) of the new medication when used in a relatively highly controlled context (not necessarily the same as effectiveness when used broadly in large clinical populations).  These studies are quite scientifically informative regarding adverse drug reactions (adverse events that are caused or facilitated by the new medication) when the adverse reaction is relatively common and the adverse event is observed with a relatively substantial difference in incidence between the new medication treated subjects and control treated subjects.  Barry, Jay and others have stimulated my interest in preparing a more in-depth comment on this matter and I appreciate the interest


August 9, 2018