Antonio E. Nardi, Richard Balon, Guy Chouinard, Fiammetta Cosci, Steven Dubovsky, Giovanni A. Fava, Rafael C. Freire, David J. Greenblatt, John H. Krystal, Karl Rickels, Thomas Roth, Carl Salzman, Richard I. Shader, Edward K. Silberman, Nicoletta Sonino, Vladan Starcevic and Steven J. Weintraub: The value of long-term clinical experience with benzodiazepines. International Task Force on Benzodiazepines
Ernst Franzek’s comment


             Benzodiazepines have been proven to be very useful medications when used properly and in accordance with the guidelines. Unfortunately, many medical doctors neglect the guidelines which indicate what can cause severe addictive behaviors  in vulnerable patients. My experience is, however, that if Benzodiazepines are used according to the guidelines they are very useful medications without unexpected and serious side effects.


February 28, 2019