Hector Warnes' Comment

Carlos Hojaij: Kurt Schneider’s metagenesis concept and energy hypothesis for schizophrenia


            Metagenesis is equated to an organic process of the type of process schizophrenia first described by Karl Jaspers.

            As far as I understood from his article, Carlos Hojaij based his hypothesis on Gerald Edelman and Giulio Tononi’s (2000) work:  if phi is zero (energy or kinesis), the system is reducible to its individual parts, but if phi is large, the system is more than just the sum of its parts. The latter part of the sentence explains how consciousness emerges while the first part explains how the individual person sinks into the splitting of the mind.

            Hojaij goes further is his attempt to explain neural activity as an equivalence of matter becoming energy or imagination.  We are thus approaching the two principles of thermodynamics, the conservation of energy and its dissipation.

            Another theory is that proposed by Hameroff (2013), who stated that consciousness in the brain originates inside neurons, rather than from connections between neurons. It is orchestrated by molecular structures (microtubules) which are made up of tubulin protein subunits. There are eight tryptophans per tubulin which have nanoscopic quantum effects in the brain. 




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 January 18, 2018