León S. Morra: Essential Publications

To set a foundation for education in the history of neuropsychopharmacology we intend to generate a list in which essential publications in the development of the field are presented. To provide orientation points for preparing such a list, Tom Ban extracted 330 publications, from the over 1500 publications referred to in his Oral History of Neurpsychopharmacology and listed in chronology as an Appendix to volume 10 of the ACNP series.

If you would be interested in participating in this project, please let me know and I will send you Tom Ban’s list. Your task will be to prepare a list of publications (at least 5) that in your opinion should be added to his list and identify the publications on his list (at least 5) which in your opinion should be deleted from his list.

Your recommendations in terms of additions and deletions will be posted as soon as received and will be taken into consideration in the preparation of the final document. All participants of this project will be listed as contributors to INHN’s Chronological List of Essential Publications that will be presented as an Educational E-Book and updated with some regularity.


León S. Morra

September 22, 2016