León S. Morra: Discoveries and Experiments

 We would like to invite you to prepare two lists: in one, include “discoveries” encountered in your own research, or those learned about from publications which you think should have been followed up but were not; and in the other, list findings encountered in your own research or learned about in publications that could not be replicated. An example for a discovery that have not been followed up is David Janowsky and his associates’ finding that physostigmine, a cholinesterase inhibitor that increases acetylcholine concentrations, turned off mania and induced depression in some patients; and an example for an experiment that could not be replicated, the findings of Wyatt and his associates, that low monoamine oxidase activity in platelets was a genetic marker for schizophrenia.

Your lists will be posted and each item from both of your lists will be entered to an integrated chronological list of this project that will be presented and discussed.


León S. Morra

August 4, 2016.