León S. Morra: Archives

In addition to biographic information we are also posting as “individual collections” in “electronic archives” unpublished documents, books, papers and presentations, including Powerpoints and slide shows of network members and distinguished neuropsychopharmacologists. We have to-date an individual collection on the website from the following members:

1.      Thomas A. Ban

2.      Frank M. Berger

3.      Charles Cahn

4.      Samuel Gershon

5.      Laszlo Gyermek

6.      Joseph Knoll

7.      Heinz E. Lehmann

8.      Peter R. Martin

9.      Egidio Nard

10.     Ildiko Miklya

11.     Hector Warnes

If you have any material that qualifies, please send it to me and we will schedule it for posting.


León S. Morra

June 23, 2016