Julius Axelrod’s 80th birthday celebrations


Julius Axelrod’s 80th birthday celebrations (1992): dinner, guide to participants of dinner and poster of symposium. Photos (dinner and symposium poster) received from Irwin J. Kopin.     

Participants of dinner (see photo & guide) in alphabetical order: Julius Axelrod,  Ira Black, Michael Brownstein, Roland Ciaranello, Joseph Coyle, Christian Felder, Jacques  Glowinski, Frederick Goodwin,  George Hertting, Leslie Iverson, Seymour Kety, Irwin Kopin, Louis Lemberger, Steven Paul, Solomon Snyder, Hans Thoenen, Richard Weinshilboum, and Richard Wurtman. Speakers of symposium: Julius Axelrod, Ira Black, Ronald Ciaranello, Joseph Coyle, Jacques Glowinski, Leslie Iversen, Irwin Kopin, Solomon Snyder, Hans Thoenen and Richard Wurtman. Organizers of symposium: Steven Paul, Irwin Kopin and Christian Felder.

The 80th birthday celebrations were held, and the photos of the dinner and the poster were taken on September 18, 1992, at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland.


Irwin J. Kopin

July 31, 2014