Heinz E. Lehmann, received from John Court

Heinz E. Lehmann. Photo taken in Verdun, Quebec, Canada, ca. 1960.   Additional information:  Forerunner of distance education.   Dr. Heinz E. Lehmann in his office as Clinical Director of the Douglas Hospital (Verdun) is giving a lecture by phone to students in the Department of Psychiatry, University of Cincinnati, in Ohio.  Photographed by Pichette Studio (Lasalle). Photographer’s stamp:  Bob Pichette Studio Red’d., 320 4th Avenue, Lasalle, Que.  366-7417. Studio index no. 70063. The original photo can be found at CAMH Archives, CMHA fonds (6-P201). Caption details are inscribed in pencil on reverse side of photo.  Photo received from John Court.


John Court
December 3, 2015