IGSAD Members


Members of the International Group for the Study of Affective Disorders (IGSAD) on the photo in alphabetical order: Jules Angst, Marie Asberg, Barney Carroll, Alec Coppen, Gunne Coppen, Borje Cronholm, Mrs. Cronholm, Fred Goodwin, Carl Gottfries, Mrs. Gottfries, Eva Grof, Paul Grof, Max Hamilton, Norbert Matussek, Jan-Otto Ottoson,  Mrs. Ottoson, Carlo Perris, Maria Luisa Pinelli,  Paulo Pinelli, Ole Rafaelsen,  Mogens Schou, George Winokur, Detley von Zerssen. Photo taken on a sightseeing boat in Goteborg Harbor (Goteborg, Sweden) on a Saturday afternoon excursion in circa 1980. Photo received from Bernard Carroll. 


Left Rows from Rear

Unknown woman               Unknown man

Eva Grof                           Jules Angst

Unknown man

Mrs Cronholm                   Borje Cronholm

George Winokur                Bernard Carroll

Mrs. Ottosson                   Jan-Otto Ottosson

(leaning)                           (meeting host)

Carl Gottfries                     Mrs. Gottfries


Center Rows from Rear

Norbert Matussek

Alec Coppen                       Gunne Coppen

Paul Grof                            Mogens Schou

Fred Goodwin                      Marie Asberg

Max Hamilton                      Carlo Perris

Maria Luisa Pinelli                Paolo Pinelli


Right Rows from Rear


Detlev von Zerssen             Ole Rafaelson


Men at left rear and left front are crew members; others are passengers.


The original of this photo is in the Bernard Carroll Archives (10-07-2009).



Bernard Carroll

October 8, 2015