W. Edwin Fann: A History of the Tennessee Neuropsychiatric Institute


Samuel Gershon’s response to Barry Blackwell’s reply to his comment on Thomas Ban’s comment,  The Central Theme of the Clinical División


       This is an excellent documentation of the important research accomplished at this research institute.  I have been associated with several others that started off well and all did some important work but after about 10 years or so they all faltered. Their demise was due to a variety reasons and at this point in time there are few or none still productive and functioning.

       I believe this concept of an interactive clinic laboratory research group is the necessary route to follow. The ACNP has followed a wandering path between the two over the years and now it seems to want to focus on neurochemistry and receptors. This may appear to be the right route, but I doubt it.


April 29, 2021