W. Edwin Fann: A History of the Tennessee Neuropsychiatric Institute


David Janowsky’s comment on Thomas A. Ban´s comment


        I found your essay on the "Central Theme at the TNI"  (Ban 2019) most interesting and have always thought your approach is an excellent one which has not attained the recognition it should.  I do have a minor suggestion.  Could you list some of the representative questions you ask to define the various types of depression or schizophrenia, or other diagnoses, so as  to give a clinical picture of  patients who respond,  for example,  to drugs and those who don't?  That would make more concrete what the  differences and characteristic are, since the definitions you list  are hard to define operationally and use titles not necessarily familiar to a practicing psychiatrist.  Thoughts?



Ban TA. Comment. Central theme of clinical research at the TNI from the mid-1970s to the 1980s (W. Edwin Fann: A History of the Tennessee Neuropsychiatric Institute). inhn.org.perspective. November 21, 2019.


June 25, 2020