Charles M. Beasley, Jr and Roy Tamura: What We Know and Do Not Know by Conventional Statistical Standards About Whether a Drug Does or Does Not Cause a Specific Side Effect (Adverse Drug Reaction)Overview


Hector Warnes’ response to Charles Beasley’s reply to his comment


        I am grateful for Charles Beasley's reply. Their excellent scientific study has brought to light the issue of adverse drug-reaction versus adverse drug event with utmost clarity.

        From a clinical point of view the variables are staggering: pharmacogenomics, ethnicity, gender, co-morbidity, drug-interaction, age, weight, stage at which the illness is treated (acute, chronic or cyclical), the intensity and or the clustering of symptoms the type and severity of the adverse drug reaction and many epigenetic and environmental factors including diet that may impact on the metabolism of the drug.

        I would agree with Xiaodong Feng and Hong-Guang Xie (2016) that eventually we shall be able to tailor pharmacotherapy to individual phenotypes.



Feng X and Xie H-G, editors. Applying Pharmacogenomics in Therapeutics. Boca Raton: CRe C Press, Taylor and Francis Group; 2016.


December 12, 2019