Charles M. Beasley, Jr and Roy Tamura: What We Know and Do Not Know by Conventional Statistical Standards About Whether a Drug Does or Does Not Cause a Specific Side Effect (Adverse Drug Reaction) Outline

Edward Shorter’s comment


         Readers of this website will look forward with special interest to the comments of Charles Beasley, in particular on the issue of side effects and their measurement, given that in his long tenure at Eli Lilly he often confronted these issues on an almost daily basis.  In the late 1990s there was an intense in-house discussion about possible hyperglycaemia, weight gain and diabetes associated with olanzapine and much of this correspondence has, in connection with discovery in litigation, now become part of the public record.  In these exchanges, Alan Breier and Dr. Beasley come across very much as the in-house investigators committed to the high road of science and one hopes that in the coming instalments of this thread, Dr. Beasley might illustrate his points with references to some of this material.


April 25, 2019