Charles M. Beasley, Jr and Roy Tamura: What We Know and Do Not Know by Conventional Statistical Standards About Whether a Drug Does or Does Not Cause a Specific Side Effect (Adverse Drug Reaction) 

Barry Blackwell’s final comment


        This pertinent and fascinating topic has been the subject of polite and civilized debate between the authors, Ned Shorter, Hector Warnes, Carlos Morra and me, now 138 pages long, already appearing as an e-book and perhaps a potential volume in the forthcoming annual INHN series.

        My comments have been careful to stress a lack of statistical competence and a bias towards negative connotations based on political influences and corporate corruption that overtook the industry towards the tail end of the authors’ unblemished and distinguished careers.

        For this reason I confined my comments to historical and personal issues and later to logical concerns.

        This type of controversy is exactly the kind that INHN is designed to handle, particularly now that traditional medical and scientific journals have become mired in controversy about their blemished publication practices. We owe a debt of gratitude to Charles Beasley and Roy Tamura for their integrity and courage.


April 9, 2020