Janusz Rybakowski: Lithium The Amazing Drug in Psychiatry 


Barry Blackwell’s response to Janusz Rybakowski’s reply


        Once again, I am pleased to endorse this additional information about lithium culled from Janusz Rybakowski’s extensive data base and experience.

        The potential benefit in the early management of dementia appears to produce improvement in cognitive function presumably without sedation which Janusz suggests supports the possibility that lithium is a trace element, perhaps lacking in segments of the population. The prevalence of this disorder, absence of effective treatments and devastating impact on lives should encourage further studies in different cultures.

        The “antidepressant” effect of lithium might be viewed as secondary to its primary function to suppress the excesses of extreme mania – the wildly irrational moods and behaviors that invite bankruptcy, ruin careers and destroy marriages. This hypothesis is worth testing by scrupulous analysis of the symptomatology in the natural history of the disorder and its treatment with lithium. Perhaps such an analysis already exists


May 27, 2021