David Healy, Joann Le Noury and Julie Wood: Children of the Cure


David Healy’s reply to Hector Warnes’ comment


       The issue this book raises that should be of concern for INHN is not as Hector suggests that the drugs don't work or might cause problems but that somewhere along the way, somewhere around 1990 or maybe a little earlier, it became the norm that pretty well every study, involving an on-patent medicine - not just in psychopharmacology - was ghost written and there was no longer access to clinical trial data.

       Many of the members of INHN were there when this happened, or crept up on us, and are better placed than any other group of people to point to where the corpses are buried.  There is still a chance for members of this group to make a substantive contribution to the field of psychopharmacology and medicine more generally by addressing this issue.


March 18, 2021