Thomas A. Ban: The Ewen Cameron Story


2. Rose-Aimée Automne T. Morin and Thomas A. Ban – e-mail Exchange


From Morin to Ban February 21, 2020


Good morning Dr. Ban,


Thank you for your answers!

I shared our conversation with my producer and she has two questions:


1- "I am not sure I totally understand what should have been done differently, according to Mr [sic] Ban."

2- "I read the article on serendipity and found it very interesting. Were the MK-ULTRA experiments the source of anything like that? Did they contribute to any advancement or change in psychiatry?"


Kind regards

Rose Morin


From  Ban to Morin February 22, 2020

Hi Ms. Morin, 

Thank you for sharing "our conversation" with your producer. 

My replies to her questions are: 

1. I don't remember what I had in mind.

2. I had the impression that Ms. Morin thought that Cameron did something original with LSD and sent her a paper which includes the story of LSD. I provided her also with some other papers which I thought might help her in her project. 

I hope the exchange on our website that will follow the posting of our e-mail conversation will provide you with some useful information for your project. 

Kind regards,

Tom Ban


July 2, 2020