Barry Blackwell: Pioneers and Controversies.

Chapter 19: The endof thebeginning. The beginning of the end. Corporate Corruption in the Psychopharmaceutical Industry. Revised


Samuel Gershon’s response to Barry Blackwell’s reply


           I appreciate Barry Blackwell’s contribution to this phase of the discussion  and perhaps share his pessimism that the total landscape we are walking on will not get better but be increasingly damaged by all the factors that have been raised in this scroll. The marketing of side effects, as has just been recently presented here, is one of the sordid aspects of seeing us as sick dogs. We are now experiencing another recent trend of marketing distortion, e.g., market a compound for schizophrenia and then decide whether to present it for either mania or depression, such as for Seroquel, first offered for schizophrenia and then offered for depression. Most recently we find Zaynar which is offered right off as a treatment for bipolar disorder and is effective for both, i.e., bipolar disorder. I have not yet studied the data that has been presented to make this claim but it should be interesting.


June 18, 2019