Shridhar Sharma: Insulin coma treatment: Facts and controversies

Shridhar Sharma’s reply to Thomas A. Ban’s comment

I am thankful for your comments on my essay on Insulin Coma Treatment (ICT).  I am particularly thankful to you for summarizing Joseph Wortis’ comment on ICT in his interview with Leo Hollister. As there were not many publications in support of its effectiveness, ICT was abandoned when phenothiazines were introduced with a bang by Big Pharma. Yet, Joseph Wortis who had experience with ICT, found it an effective treatment that induced remission in some patients. I believe that many of those researchers who have not been involved with ICT are probably not well informed about its effectiveness.

I agree with Leo Hollister’s comments you referred to that ICT was labor intensive and risky. In this context it might be relevant to note that Wagner Jauregg’s treatment of General Paralysis with fever, for which he received the Nobel Prize, was also labor intensive and risky.


Shridhar Sharma

September 8, 2016