Barry Blackwell: Corporate Corruption in the Psychopharmaceutical Industry

Donald F. Klein’s comment


Barry’s history of corporate corruption is almost entirely correct  and admirable. It seems petty to point out some issues are mistaken, but it is necessary so the usefulness of this statement is not compromised by off the point efforts. The reference to, “psychotropic drugs prescribed for newly invented DSM disorders such as social anxiety disorders, panic disorder and mood stabilization”, suggests that DSM invented these unheard of  syndromes to sell drugs. This can lead to attempts to skewer the DSM process—often otherwise worth discussion—but off the point here. This particular allegation has been repeatedly discussed and I believe disposed of as untrue.

A reference to that argument would be in keeping with attempts to document.   Also, later there is a well taken discussion of how industry has corruptly seized on off-label prescribing to foster self-serving poorly established views. However, does Barry believe off-label prescribing should be FDA forbidden? Not likely.


Donald F. Klein

October 6, 2016