Bernard Lerer: Vignette to photo with Herman van Praag


Ilana Belmaker, Robert (Haim) Belmaker, Uriel Heresco-Levy,  Bernard Lerer, Ziona Lerer, Amit Lotan, Herman Van Praag and Nelleke Van Praag

        On December 3, 2019, Bernard and Ziona Lerer hosted a dinner in honor of Herman and Nelleke Van Praag at the Montefiore Restaurant in Jerusalem. Herman and Nelleke were in Jerusalem for the International Congress in Spirituality and Psychiatry at which Herman received the Founders Award. The English version of Herman's book, Deference to Doubt, was launched at a special session of the Congress. The dinner was attended by two of Herman's mentees of more than 40 years previously, Bernard Lerer and Uriel Heresco-Levy, as well as by Robert Belmaker (former President of the CINP) and his wife, Ilana, and by Amit Lotan (Bernard Lerer's successor as Director of the Biological Psychiatry Laboratory at Hadassah - Hebrew University Medical Center in Jerusalem). Discussion at the dinner spanned the history of neuropsychopharmacology over more than 50 years, as well as current and developing trends.


July 2, 2020