Samuel Gershon’s final comment

Barry Blackwell: The lithium controversy: A historical autopsy
Collated by Olaf Fjetland


            I think this total record is of great importance and should be perhaps available as a pamphlet.
          In conclusion, a couple of points are still open:

1.     After a careful review of the literature, one questions what "serendipity" in regard to lithium’s discovery (rediscovery) means.

2.     The concern that many of us have now that lithium is not presented in psychiatry as the most significant treatment available for bipolar disorder. Further, that its remarkable prophylactic effects, and its usage in general, is frequently not presented to medical students, residents and practitioners adequately. It seems that by industrial marketing anticonvulsants and antipsychotic agents are pushed as preferable.

 July 20, 2017