Reid Finlayson’s comment

Dr. Joel Elkes was visiting emeritus professor of psychiatry in residence at McMaster University during the 1970’s, when I was a trainee and junior faculty member under the chairmanship of Dr. Nathan B. Epstein and the late Dr. John ‘Jock’ Cleghorn. It was a vibrant time, during which he created widely acclaimed approaches to patient care. These programs were designed to apply “Brain and Behavior” to community-oriented, people-centered, interdisciplinary and problem-based approaches to education and clinical care.

I recall Dr. Elkes’ personal warmth, humility and enthusiasm. He was an engaging teacher who was always interested and supportive. He was a man of many talents, who excelled in many fields. In addition to recognition as a scientist, expert clinician and wonderful teacher, Dr. Elkes became an accomplished artist in his later years. 


Reid Finlayson
March 31, 2016