Jay Ámsterdam:Letter from Jonathan Cole (March 16, 2004) and e-mail xchanges related to it


Samuel Gershon’s final comment


        I have nothing to add to this thread  but to restate my experiences around the world. I saw it as the “standard” and “established “ treatment for schizophrenia  in Australia, say from 1948, and in Melbourne in the early 1950s and through the 60s.  I saw it as the established treatment in England, Russia and Israel.

        In Melbourne, as residents, we followed patients through its  admission, ICT and follow- ups; during this last phase they really began to unwrap.

        As I have said before, it was universally accepted as the one specific treatment for schizophrenia and at that time my colleagues and I thought it was a Pandemic Delusion and a serious black mark against the profession.  One must also remember, it carried  a risk of serious side effects, including death.


September 17, 2020