Executive Committee & Councillors 2002-2004

CINP Executive Committee and Councillors 2002-2004.

Left to right: O. Ray, N. Denton, W. Bunnet, Jr. T. Ban, H. Calil, R. Porsolt, H.. Lee, M. Ackenheil, E. Paykel, A. Phillips, H.Meltzer, H. Manji, B. Leonard,  R. Pinder, W. Fleischhacker, S. Yamawaki, C. Altamura, P. Robert, K. Espenant, T. Wartmann and S. Stahl. 
Photo taken on June 27, 2002, at the XXIIIrd CINP Congress, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Photo received from Oakley S. Ray.

Thomas A. Ban

June 12, 2014,