François Ferrero: Psychiatry and Antipsychiatry: Inquiry into the Geneva 1980s’ Psychiatry Crisis


Héctor Warnes’ Comment



        The Geneva 1980s' Psychiatric Crisis is one of many similar stories that have occurred all over the world. There were many articles published in INHN on this issue. The split between the biological and the psycho-socio-dynamic approaches persists and is causing havoc and disconcert in many centers. 

        In my previous short comments, I noticed that I should have said that Jakob Klaesi did not have the numerous psychotropic drugs (I should have listed what he really used) that we had since the decade of 1950s.  For me, the case of Thalidomide was a turning point. As you notice, periodically many drugs are withdrawn from the market after years of prescription because an unusually higher rate of a serious adverse side effects is discovered. The use of mega doses of pharmaceuticals is common in drug resistant depression or other mental illnesses, as is becoming more and more common, and the drug resistance of pathogenic microorganisms to antibiotics and the polypharmacy related to the increased number of co-morbidities is increasing.  


February 23, 2023