Martin M. Katz: Multivantaged vs. conventional assessment method

Donald F. Klein’s response to Martin M. Katz’s reply


            Katz states: “...a direct comparison with the Hamilton method in a clinical trial is clearly presented in the book (Katz, 2013).  Klein apparently, declined to read that section.”

            Ordinary referencing about a specific point is not to a whole book. However, I went through the book diligently and can't find that point. Maybe I'm going blind. Giving Katz benefit of the doubt, maybe I missed it. I would like a page citation before saying it's not there. This prompted an unanswered editorial inquiry.

            Perhaps Katz has declined to read my specific criticisms or more likely has read them, can’t answer directly, so must resort to generalities. With regard to the multivantaged behavioral method, Katz only cites three non-Katz works, all prior to 1979. Thirty-seven years seems sufficient to demonstrate whether other psychopharmacologists have found it useful. With regard to Katz’ assertions about neurotransmitter effects, their lack of relevant effects in normal subjects seems critical. Like other specific criticisms, it goes unremarked. Unfortunately, this has been a pattern that defeats discussion.


Donald F. Klein

February 23, 2017