Ken Gillman: Medical science publishing: A slow-motion train wreck

Samuel Gershon’s response to Ken Gillman’s reply


        In reply to Dr. Gillman’s question  I used the expression “No Pay, No Play” to indicate that there are journals to which you can simply pay for the cost of publication of your article, regardless of its scientific merit. Plenty of papers are published this way and since these papers become  part of the published data-pool they can be incorporated in reviews etc., etc.

        We had a specific confrontation with the publisher of our Bipolar Disorders journal  because the publisher was reducing, and pretty much eliminating, financial support for our editorial office. The publisher also directed that authors of papers our editorial process rejected should be told that they would still have a possibility for publishing paper if they sent it directly to the publisher’s office. We, of course, did not follow his request, but are aware that many journals operate that way. My expression “No Pay, No Play refers to this practice.


June 4, 2020