Jay D. Amsterdam and Leemon B. McHenry : The Paroxetine 352 Bipolar Study Revisited : Desconstruction of Corporate and Academic  Misconduct 

Daniel Kanofsky’s comment


        Drs. Jay Amsterdam and Leemon McHenry have performed a remarkable job. They have deconstructed a cache of recently posted documents that reveal the presence of an unseemly relationship between a pharmaceutical company and some high-ranking academic psychiatrists to produce a grossly misleading journal article. It is astonishing that Amsterdam and McHenry were able to unearth and deconstruct, from these email and other documents, what is nothing short of an alarming story. Their deconstruction gives a unique glimpse behind The Wizard’s Curtain of documented skulduggery in academic publishing within our field. The article is long but well worth reading and discussing.

        I would also add that I have known Dr. Amsterdam for many years, and that Jay and I were on the editorial board of Ariel the student newspaper of Jefferson Medical College in the early 1970s when Ariel won the Student American Medical Association award for being the best medical student newspaper in the country.

        I can attest that, in the intervening years, Jay has lost none of his passion for pursuing justice.


March 26, 2020