FrançoisFerrero: Inquiry of the Geneva 1980s’ Psychiatry Crisis.

Forced Hospitalization, ECT d Sleep Therapy - Collating

Hector Warnes’ comment


        Regarding the Ferrero paper, it is not true that Rene Tissot (1917- 2010) followed the Jakob Klaesi  (1883-1980) method. Klaesi was very prudent in the use of medication and if you compare the number and the doses of molecules given by Klaesi and those given by Rene Tissot there is a vast difference. I have encountered dysphagia with high doses of neuroleptics and, of course, respiratory depression with high doses of barbiturates. Those mega-doses used by Tissot  were never used as far as I know, not even in Russia where sleep treatment was widely practiced because of its Pavlovian basis.


June 11, 2020