David Janowsky: Cholinergic muscarinic mechanisms in depression and mania


Samuel Gershon’s comment on collating document


       This is an  excellent, well matched set of papers dealing with acetylcholine and its role in depression is the main work of David Janowsky and John Davis and our work on the effect of cholinergic insecticides and their production of depression in the workers using them. Together with the other contributors it is a well-detailed case  

       However, our later work in patients clearly presented a major role for serotonin in the mode of action of antidepressants and preceding these two, transmitters role in depression. We can not omit the first, most popular offering: the catecholamines, the one that got all the prizes  and recognition.

       In any case we have three contenders,  reasonable, but unlikely all to be 100% right.

       It would be nice if we could find some people smarter than all of us that could tell us the right answer. Prizes will be awarded.


April 1, 2021