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Samuel Gershon’s reply to Gordon Johnson’s comment on Barry Blackwell’s  reply to Samuel Gershon’s comment

Gordon Johnson’s comments are very interesting and important and particularly, the details that he intentionally omitted out of politeness. It brings to mind a discussion I had with Schou. Some short time after this discussion, Schou invited Cade to Aarhus to give an honorific lecture on Cade‘s detailed path to his discovery, including his laboratory experiments. (Johann Schioldan in his history of lithium reprints some of Cade’s Laboratory notes). So, Cade’s lecture was advertised as above. Then I understood from Schou that without any explanation, Cade gave a lecture on Strontium.


Schioldann Johann. History of the Introduction of Lithium into Medicine and Psychiatry. Adelaide: Adelaide Academic Press; 2009. . 

Samuel Gershon

April 23, 2015