Table of Contents

  • Foreword
  • Preface
  1. Introduction - Editors
  2. The discovery and development of psychotropic drugs
  3. The birth of neuropsychopharmacology - Thomas Ban
  4. Research in neurophysiology on the effects of psychotropic drugs on the brain  
  5. The development of behavioral pharmacology in the screening for psychotropic drugs
  6. Pharmaco-EEG in the detection of differential psychotropic effects (Max Fink)
  7. The introduction of techniques for measuring CBF and brain metabolism in the study of psychotropic drugs
  8. The birth and development of neuropharmacology
  9. Neuropharmacology and psychotropic drug development          
  10. Pharmacokinetic research with psychotropic drugs
  11. Pharmacogenetic research with psychotropic drugs
  12. Introduction and development of clinical trial methodology  
  13. Pharmacotherapy and the diagnosis and classification of psychiatric disorders
  14. The story of pharmacotherapy with psychotropic drugs
  15. Model psychoses from mescaline to phencyclidine
  16. The story of endogenous psychotogens 
  17. Neuropsychopharmacology: testing of neuropharmacological hypotheses
  18. Psychopathology and psychiatric nosology in neuropsychopharmacology research
  19. Development of pharmacotherapy in child psychiatry
  20. Development of pharmacotherapy in geriatric psychiatry
  21. Endocrine psychiatry in a historical persprctive - Edward Shorter
  22. A history of pharmacological (addiction) psychiatry
  • Fifty years neuropsychopharmacology