Johan Schioldann’s response Samuel Gershon’s answer to his question
Johan Schioldann: History of the Introduction of Lithium into Medicine and Psychiatry:  Birth of Modern Psychopharmacology 1949
Barry Blackwell’s Review


(Samuel Gershon’s answer to Johan Schioldann’s question: “Kraepelin took a very negative view of the Lange’s concepts of Recurrent Depression. His presentations against this work also carried with it a generally negative view of the Langes’, and because of Kraepelin’s influence on European psychiatry this was a major blow for them, This work is presented in detail in Schioldann’s book, on pages 82 thru 86.”)

What I actually wrote was that Kraepelin’s dismissal of the Langes’ diagnostic concept of periodical depression and its treatment with lithium was strongly supported by Danish psychiatrists and physicians, lead by Viggo Christiansen, who virtually ridiculed them, and was such a major blow to their lithium treatment that the Langes themselves advised against the use of lithium bromide. Further investigations into this controversial subject, as were recommended not only by Carl Lange himself, but Viggo Christiansen and even Kraepelin, were not heeded (see my book pages 42-70, 82-87).


June 7, 2018