Thomas A.Ban, editor. Lithium in Psychiatry in Historical Perspective.


Samuel Gershon’s comment on Reid Finlayson’s comment


       I would like to thank Dr. Reid Finlayson for his valuable contribution detailing his personal case history of a life on lithium.

       The unique features of his monograph included his recall of his youthful behavior and that his father was a physician. Thus, we have a rare opportunity to follow the child through adulthood as individual and patient who, together with a physician father were both able to observe and assess Reid’s behavior. Reid also had the good fortune to meet up with Dr. Edward Shorter in Canada  and learned a lot from these meetings.

       Each aspect of his growing up illuminated various phases of his growth and development and illustrated how his lithium treatment affected both. 

       Dr. Finlayson’s report should be of considerable interest to many of our readers. It provides a case history that many of our colleagues could use in opening a discussion with  him to address questions to which he can interact with and provide valuable insight in answering.         


February 11, 2021