Mogens Schou: My journey with lithium

Written on the invitation of Johan Schioldann

Hector Warnes’ comment


        I very much enjoyed reading the self-portrait of a great man like Mogens Schou. I would have admired him even more if he would have corrected his original publication on Lithium (Baastrup and Schou 1967) in which it was stated that “long-term lithium treatment was associated with a remarked 87 per cent drop in the frequency of both manic and depressive recurrences.” I found Lithium is often superior to other drugs and even patients diagnosed as schizoaffective at times obliged me to change the diagnoses in view of the excellent response to Lithium.



Baastrup PC, Schou M. Lithium as a prophylactic agents. Its effect against recurrent depressions and manic-depressive psychosis. Arch Gen Psychiatry. 1967;16(2):162-72.


February 20, 2020