In Memory of Bernard J. Carroll by Michael Feinberg

Samuel Gershon’s comment


        I met Barney some 60 years ago when he applied for a year-long research position with our psychopharmacology research unit in the Pharmacology Department of the University of Melbourne. It was the first year of the program when we were  able to offer two research fellowships per year to medical students  at the end of their third-year medical program. Both Barney and his “mate” who received these scholarships did very well  in their careers.

        Barney must be remembered for his very important work in depressive illness  and as Chair of Psychiatry at Duke University. But most important of all was  his demand for the most careful and critical evaluation of the scientific data published in the field.

        He was not only a “dinkum Aussie,” but a dinkum human. Barney was also involved with social and political issues and was active in such groups nationally and internationally. He had the unique quality of wanting to improve these situations around him and for his colleagues wherever possible. Most of all, he was a good friend, who was always ready to help. I must seriously I admit I miss him, especially on those many occasions when his voice was needed.


September 5, 2019