Table of Contents to August Wimmer’s Psychogenic Psychosis, edited and translated into English from the Danish original by Johan Schioldann. The 265-page text was published in 2003 in Adelaide (Australia) by Adelaide University Press


Table of Contents


Preface and Acknowledgements by Johan Schioldann pp. 7-9

Forewords by respectively German Berrios and Nils Retterstøl  pp. 9-18

August Wimmer’s Clinical Concept Psychogenic Psychoses: An Introductory Conceptual History by Johan Schioldann pp. 19-74

August Wimmer: A Biographical Sketch by Johan Schioldann pp. 75-77

Illustrations (Portraits) pp. 78- 85

August Wimmer: Psychogenic Psychoses (Translated by Johan Schioldann) pp. 86-232

Bibliography (in footnotes)

Name Index pp. 233-238

Subject Index pp. 239- 265


August 1, 2019