Fridolin Sulser: From the Presynaptic Neurone to the Receptor to the Nucleus

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April 7, 2022

Karl Jaspers - A Self-portrait. Translated from the original German into English by Amara McLaughlin-Harris


Peter Kadar’s comment



        I really found this interview very interesting on several levels. My wife Jan's distant relatives live in Leer, Ostfriesland, so, I am familiar with the part of Germany where Jaspers grew up. I have been to Oldenburg and Nordeney, the North Sea island he talks about. It is a beautiful coastline with many little villages that have their own unique characteristics, with many similarities to the Netherlands - windmills, dykes and the houses.

        Whilst I did not have the same experiences as Jaspers had at school, I completely understand the decision he had to make about "apologising" to his physical education teacher and the antipathy he had for his "militaristic" headmaster.

        Fortunately, I have not had to stand against the tide of opinion as he had to at University, but I can appreciate his stance and admire his courage.

        All in all, I found him a fascinating character and I am surprised I had not heard of him before.


April 7, 2022