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Jay Amsterdam: Combined curriculum vitae and bibliography updated (2016) 

Jay D. Amsterdam combined Curriculum Vitae and Bibliography updated on August 15, 2016.


Ernst Franzek: From the dichotomy to a three-part grouping of endogenous psychoses
Ernst Franzek’s reply to Edward Shorter’s comment


         I really appreciate Shorter’s comment on my essay. For a clinician it is essential to have guidelines to cluster psychopathological phenomena in order to communicate with colleagues and to make therapeutically considerations and conclusions. Scientists need advanced and sophisticated psychopathological phenomena to study their cause and origin in the brain.

             Sticking to dogmatic thinking of“historical great psychiatrists like Magnan, Kraepelin, Bleuler, Wernicke, Leonhard and others is not conductive for the future of psychiatry. The young generation of both clinically and scientifically-orientated psychiatrists should focus on sophisticated, described psychopathological phenomena and look for their cause with respect to environmental stimuli and neuropathological origin.

            Differentiated psychopathology provides the fundament for clinical and scientific research, however, it becomes worthless when it is reduced to a competition of dogmatic thinking.  Science knows no dogmas but only natural laws and even natural laws are dependent and only valid in a special environment as Einstein and Hawkins impressively have taught us.


I repeat my statement: We do not need dogmatic paradigms but clinical realities.


September 20, 2018