Thomas A. Ban: Psychiatry for Neuropsychopharmacologists
2. From Kraepelin’s manic-depressive psychosis to Leonhard’s phasic and cycloid psychoses

Carlos Morra’s comment on Thomas Ban’s reply to Peter Martin’s comment on Ban’s essay

We are ready to start with INHN research and we could launch it with two projects, one designed to verify Rich and Martin’s (2014) contention that 60 to 80 percent of patients with MDP have an alcohol and/or drug use disorder and the other designed to test the hypothesis that MDP patients with alcohol and/or drug use disorder are more responsive to anticonvulsants than to lithium whereas MDP patients without alcohol and/or drug use disorder are more responsive to lithium than anticonvulsants. As soon we have developed tentative protocols we will post them for discussion and as soon as we have the final protocol we will post it again so that all those interested could carry out studies with or without collaboration with INHN research.

INHN research will be conducted in the research department of the Morra Sanatorium, in Cordoba, Argentina.    



Rich SJ, Martin PR (2014). Co-occurring psychiatric disorders and alcoholism. In: Sullivan EV, Pfefferbaum A (eds) Handbook of Clinical Neurology Alcohol and the Nervous System. Elsevier, pp 573-588.


Carlos Morra

August 4, 2016